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The Mega Babe Lip

Dramatically Volumize
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Details & FAQs:

The Mega Babe Lip is a method of filling the lip that results in a lip with delicate borders, a flat profile, proportional medial height, and more volume than the Full Lip. The Mega Babe Lip often features a 1:1 lip proportion between the upper and lower lips.

How do I get The Mega Babe Lip?

To get the perfect Mega Babe Lip results, starting with a blank canvas is usually imperative. In most cases, we will need to dissolve any lip filler you've had in the last 7 years before beginning your Mega Babe Lip build.

We recommend enzyme therapy to dissolve the filler. Book a Lip Rehab appointment to get started.

For many patients, a gentle building process with treatment every 3-4 months for the first year is optimal for achieving and maintaining the perfect Mega Babe Lip.